Useful Tips For Small Bathroom Remodel Designs

By | November 30, 2016

In Small Bathroom Remodel Designs a beautiful minimalist and comfortable, we really need to give attention to the arrangement of all the components that play a role in the bathroom. Since the bathroom is one space that is always kika use every day, it must make us more creative in arrangement, especially if the bathroom that we had was not too broad or too narrow and small.

Here we present some tips that we can use to design and organize the Bathroom Design minimalist small size and narrow.

  1. To conserve the use of a small space, we could use the shower instead of the bathtub.
  2. Use ceramic or tile bathrooms with pastel colors or neutral, so that it can give the impression of a wider psychological.
  3. Replace ceramics in a wide position to give the impression area.
  4. Add accessories such as glass with a rather large size on one side of the bathroom wall.
  5. For a place to store toiletries, we can choose an open storage racks and simple, choose colors that match the color of the walls.
  6. That is not too cramped and claustrophobic, we can play with the position of a higher ceiling.
  7. Add some lights to accent that can be put on a shelf or near the glass, in addition to adding aesthetic value, also to add illumination so that a wider impression we can get.
  8. Place the exact position some important elements, such as a shower, sink and toilet, so it does not seem to accumulate and narrow.
  9. Some tips for designing a bathroom the size of the small and narrow above, hopefully can provide inspiration and input for those of you who may be a little confused in designing a bathroom.

Thus Small Bathroom Remodel Designs, long and successful Congratulations to you.

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