The Guides For Choosing Indian Bathroom Tiles Design

By | November 27, 2016

Indian Bathroom Tiles Design – When designing a room whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, steps should think not only about the shape and appearance. Use of appropriate materials must also be put in a cautionary note when designing a room. One of them that do not exceed the budget. In the bathroom, for example. The wet room in the house most energy consuming and disposing of waste water have to be made as possible by using good building materials, including the selection of ceramic as a floor. This effort is intended to make savings, as well as the safety of all family members in the house. Compiled from various sources, here are some points to find the types of Indian Bathroom Tiles Design.

  • Customize with funds and needs

Many variants price and ceramic models sold in the market, you have to make jelly before buying depending on the level of need and the money you have, you can buy cheap quality ceramic or ceramic expensive suite with bathroom design.

  • Customize the type

There are four types glazer (thin layer that coats the ceramic body) that is commonly found. Covering glossy (shiny), satin, matte, and textured. Classification is what distinguishes slippery or failure of a ceramic. Ceramic surface should be secure underfoot even in wet conditions though. Especially if its future is the children and the elderly. Therefore, we recommend using a textured tile floor or an anti-slip surface (slippery). Ceramics with glossy or textured surface preferably mounted on the bathroom wall. The aim is to facilitate the clean-up of residual soap or mold and mildew are attached.

  • Adjust the size

In order to get the maximum results, the size of the tile floor must be harmonized with a spacious bathroom. Note also the direction of water flow to determine the slope of the floor toward the discharge (about 1%). Floor size is not too large will help direct the water flow. Another element that needs to be examined is the synchronization between the layout and the size of the room. If the area is limited, the use of large-sized ceramic will give the impression of the bathroom. Likewise with the size ceramic made extending horizontally.

  • Customize the color theme

Do not miss also to select the color of the ceramic. If your room is less sunlight, ceramics with bright color hue can be the best alternative, and vice versa.

The following trick also worth applies to all rooms of the house such as the kitchen, bedroom, and even a living room.

  1. Ceramic design both for floor and walls of the bathroom also affect the final results that match the theme of the house.
  2. Decorative ceramics such as listello, dot corner or the panel, must be inserted in order to give the feel of a more beautiful bathroom. Here’s an example of harmony between different themes and colors;
  3. Occupancy can use the ethnic style exposed wood elements, such as ceramic colors gray, white and beige alloy / yellow, brown and terracotta.
  4. Modern or minimalist style dwelling will be in accordance with ceramic colors soft and not crowded, like white or color cement.
  5. Residential natural style fit with ceramic or natural stone patterned bamboo, thus supporting the natural atmosphere to be exhibited.
  6. Classic style dwelling fitted with a ceramic such as marble or granite. If you want to have a graceful and elegant atmosphere, you should select a pattern like that or baroque motifs.
  7. Mediterranean-style dwelling in harmony with the ceramic beige, brown land, or who has the second gradation of color.
  8. The country-style dwelling is ideal to use ceramic floral or geometric.

Is there a warranty?

Although looks simple, but it is very necessary to be observed when you have made your choice. Questions to the hardware store, whether the Indian Bathroom Tiles Design is equipped with a warranty or not. It is important to ensure the exchange license if the goods prove to be defective when it is opened

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