How to Choose Kitchen Curtains with Style

By | November 26, 2016

Best Style Of Kitchen Curtains – When you look at the kinds of fabric which are typically sold as being suitable for kitchen curtains you might be forgiven for thinking that style and kitchen curtains are two concepts that do not fit easily together. You will find fabrics covered in hens, cows and all kinds of farmyard animals often in cartoon style. They may be fun but they are not stylish. You will also find fabrics with sunflowers and every other kind of garden flower. Some are better than others but you will generally not find them in Homes and Gardens magazine. And you will also find fabrics with enough fruit and vegetables to fill a greengrocers. Again, not the look your want for your super stylish up to the minute kitchen that you just paid a year’s salary or more for.

So what on earth do you hang at your windows?

Think plain colors!

Just because a section of the curtain store is marked out as being suitable for kitchens does not mean that you have to confine yourself to that when choosing kitchen curtains. Simply choose from any of the fabrics on display in the curtain store. Just make sure that the fabrics are washable as kitchen curtains will need frequent laundering.

The most stylish combination for a neutral kitchen is to choose a plain bright color which matches a few other key accessories you have specially chosen. Maybe you have a stylish orange top of the range mixer on your counter top. Then choose orange for your curtains! Maybe you have a sky blue toaster that will have pride of place then a great color for your curtains would be sky blue.

When deciding on the heading for your curtains, think simple too. Tab tops are great. Hang them from a metal curtain rod (perhaps shiny chrome or black depending on the other hardware and handles in your kitchen) for a stylish yet simple window treatment

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