How Futons Can Come In Handy

By | November 25, 2016

Futons are handy pieces of furniture which are used in just about every room in a house. They are affordable, easy to move from room to room, and have many other uses in a home.

Futons are highly recommended in small spaces such as dorms and apartments because they are somewhat smaller than the average household furniture and they can adapt in small spaces. In dormitories, students can place the futon underneath their bed to maximize space, and then pull out the futon when the need for extra seats comes along. Futons are easier to move around than large sofas and love seats because they are much smaller and more portable. Futons serve many purposes, being used as couches and dens in different rooms of the house.

Futons come in different sizes, such as single and double. Double futons come in handy for the same reasons previously mentioned and more. Adults prefer to sleep in large beds, and a double futon can be turned into a double bed, giving ample space for up to two people to sleep. There are many styles and colors available for futons, they can be made from wood or metal, and cushions can come in patterned colors as well as solid, depending on personal style. Larger futons may come equipped with drawers underneath to allow for extra storage space. The extra storage space may come in handy to store useful items for sleeping, such as extra blankets and pillows.

Mattresses ready for futons come in the standard sizes; a single futon mattress is 39 in by 75 in and double mattresses are 54 in by 75 in. There is no need to worry about finding sheets for the futons, since standard sizes will easily fit the futon.
It is easy to find a futon that will easily fit in with the decor existing in the household. They are very comfortable pieces of furniture that serve dual purposes when needed.

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